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Unleash Enterprise Productivity

Business is moving faster than ever. Legacy solutions are holding back productivity. The transformative technology of artificial intelligence is opening up a vast landscape of new promises of productivity, issue resolution, agent effectiveness, and complete IT control. Since change is the only constant, you as the IT leader need to embody the change that is offered by AI-driven innovation. Market dynamics will favor those who take aggressive actions to modernize their legacy applications. The time is ripe for leveraging the benefits of the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine reasoning to IT Management.

SummitAI, an AI-driven IT Management Suite

Re-imagine IT Management with SummitAI, an AI-driven IT Management suite. Unleash enterprise productivity by effortlessly bringing Service, Asset and Operations Management together to work in concert. SummitAI using machine reasoning and codeless workflow based automation, delivers up to 20% annual savings in IT Help Desk Operations, and up to 45% better Total Cost of Ownership.

SummitAI substantially reduces demand on operators, enhances user experience of services, and optimizes IT Management. SummitAI is a modular, cloud-based suite, that offers a wide range of capabilities. From natural language conversations for end users leading to automated resolution, to real-time dashboards that feature key business metrics, to gamification, SummitAI shifts the paradigm in IT Management.

Talk to CINDE (Conversational Interface and Decisioning Engine)

Business users can converse with CINDE using natural language and receive intelligent personalized responses. CINDE uses sophisticated natural language processing technologies to understand the intent of an issue which can correspond to an incident, service request or a query. CINDE understands the context in which the intent was expressed and uses machine reasoning techniques to determine the next best course of action. CINDE intelligently resolves the majority of incoming issues automatically, eliminates downtime, and unleashes enterprise productivity by freeing up knowledge workers to focus on high impact work.

Better Total Cost of Ownership
Up to 45%
Annual Saving on IT Help Desk
Up to 20%
Annual Incremental Revenue
Up to 5%
Faster Implementations
Up to 50%

24×7 service desk experience: SummitAI supports a conversational interface so that business users can interact using natural language through webchat, MS Teams, Slack, and Jabber. Business users receive intelligent personalized responses and can track progress with the help of CINDE. CINDE understands the context in which a user’s intent is expressed and uses machine reasoning to determine the next best course of action.

Higher enterprise productivity: SummitAI understands the context of an issue and auto-resolves incidents & service requests using service automation. This approach dramatically reduces MTTR and gets business users back in action with no downtime. SummitAI can also automate repetitive and manual tasks and free up knowledge workers to focus on innovation and other high impact work.

Enhanced agent effectiveness: Operational Intelligence feature provides service agents with intelligent insights like the plausible reasons for the occurrence of an issue and strategies for remediation. Operational Intelligence also provides a variety of relevant contextual information (e.g. knowledge-based articles, environmental changes, etc.) to help agents rapidly resolve issues instead of having them search for information.

Instant war room and escalations: The suite enables functional and hierarchic escalation during an incident handling. Analysts may converse with end users using chat and trouble shoot using remote desktops. Other Analysts may be called to consult on an incident or conference bridges may be set up instantly from the product to create a war room instantly.

Optimized asset utilization: SummitAI Asset Management helps manage the IT asset lifecycle from procurement to disposal, control spend with software license governance and compliance, and eliminates overbuying by helping right-size future purchase of HW and SW assets.

Proactive issue resolution: SummitAI Operations Management solution helps identify, isolate and resolve issues before they impact your business.

Truly multi-tenant: Enables creation of multiple tenants with single application installation and database. Ideally suited for Enterprise and Service Providers for providing completely or partially isolated tenant environments that can co-exist in the same application with no interference from each other.

Complete control of the enterprise’s IT landscape: SummitAI Integrated IT Management Suite is built with common data sets across IT Service Management, IT Asset Management and IT Operations Management which allows complete control of the enterprise’s IT landscape. SummitAI is available in Public Cloud as well as an on-premise version.

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