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CINDE turns every conversation into an exceptional experience

CINDE (Conversational Interface and Decisioning Engine), a conversational AI and machine reasoning based engine is designed to transform customer experience by resolving most incoming issues automatically. It uses sophisticated natural language & machine reasoning and responds with intelligent personalized messages. Not just that. It also understands the intent of an issue corresponding to an incident, service request or a query which leads to zero downtime. This gives more time to agents to focus on high impact work.

24/7 Service Desk

AI-powered CINDE is always available to support customers, be it on a Sunday afternoon or thanksgiving week.

Faster Resolution

With self-service and knowledge driven intelligence, CINDE can resolve tickets faster when compared to the traditional service desk.

Savings Millions

Auto resolves minimum 30% service requests of an organization, which leads to big savings.

Enhances agent effectiveness

Carries the maximum weight of L1 and freeing up agents to focus on high impact work.

Multi-channel support

Customers can interact using natural language through webchat, MS Teams, Slack, and Jabber.

Intelligent agent

Understands the context in which a user’s intent is expressed and then uses machine reasoning to determine the next best course of action.

Intelligent routing

Service desk intelligence feature enables intelligent routing to the right analyst based on historical records.

Alarm reduction

Reduces alarms and service tickets by orders of magnitude through event correlation.

Knowledge driven Intelligence features:

Add knowledge articles to the knowledge management system

  • Natural Language Processing enabled
  • Articles can be added through chat window
Article reviews to the author

Knowledge approver sends review to author

Web enabled articles search

Analysts access to knowledge repository online

Search with precision

  • Availability of self-serve knowledge articles
  • User’s intent based search
  • Recieves feedback from the search user
  • Takes corrective actions using AI logic

A knowledge desk for knowledge workers

  • An author creates, edits or groom articles
  • Copy and publish articles externally
  • Add categories, contextual and structural attributes to articles

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