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SummitAI Service Management

SummitAI Service Management is an ITIL verified solution that leverages latest advances in AI, machine reasoning, analytics and automation. SummitAI helps CIOs and IT leaders of Enterprises and service providers unleash productivity of IT service operations at up to 45% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

SummitAI Service Management is an ITIL certified and verified solution that leverages the latest advances in AI, machine reasoning, analytics and automation to help CIOs and service providers improve productivity of IT service operations and reduce cost and complexity of operations.

SummitAI Service Management is a truly multi-tenant scalable solution that can be deployed in public cloud or on-premise to manage enterprise services beyond IT, like HR, Admin, Facilities, Marketing, Legal, Finance, and procurement to truly unleash corporate enterprise productivity.

Main Benefits
 Higher productivity: Digital agent CINDE, auto-resolution, and operational intelligence help enhance productivity for both business and IT users.
  • Automated Routing: Categorize, and auto-route tickets to workgroups for faster resolution of tickets based on continuous learning.
  • Increased operational efficiency: Auto problem ticket creation, auto resolution, and operational intelligence lead to reduced workload and better operational efficiency.
  • Agility of Service Requests: SLAs are tracked and managed for service desk in the product.
  • Shift Left: Self Service & Service Assist allows users to manage their own issues and enables L2 skill level workers to delegate non-critical tasks to L1.
  • Result-oriented work culture: Gamification helps drive change in the work culture by reinforcing desired behaviors and makes the workplace more competitive and fun.
Key Features
  • Digital Agent CINDE for 24/7 Service Desk: End users interact with our Digital Agent CINDE using natural language. CINDE understands the intent from natural language utterances, resolves 20% of tasks instantly, and for other requests that are not auto-resolvable files service requests and incident reports on behalf of the end user and provides status reports. CINDE may be accessed using MS Teams, Slack, Skype for Business, Jabber, and Webchat.
  • Scalable and Multi-tenant: Enables creation of multiple instances with single application installation and database. Ideally suited for Enterprise and Service Provider scenarios for providing completely isolated tenant environments that can co-exist in the same application with no interference from each other.
  • Operations Intelligence: Our unique approach towards analytics and predictive technologies builds Operational Intelligence by correlating contextual data from disparate systems. Operational Intelligence enables the IT Analysts with enhanced situational awareness of their IT environment and recommends corrective actions to incidents and problems in real-time thereby driving higher First Call Resolutions (FCR) of issues.
  • Instant War Room and Escalations: Enables the functionality of both functional and hierarchic escalation during an incident handling. Analysts may converse with end users using chat and trouble shoot using remote desktops. Other Analysts may be called to consult on an incident or conference bridges may be set up instantly from the product to create a war room instantly.
  • Automation: SummitAI provides out of the box automation libraries for automating up to 30% of repetitive and manual tasks that can be triggered by Agents or automatically by CINDE thus reducing load on operations staff and scaling enterprise productivity.
  • Optimal skill-based SLA fulfilment: Learning and skill enhancement is a continuous activity in every IT organization today. As IT analysts retool themselves with new skills, they can update their details in the skill management system. These skills not only are tracked for the analysts but can also help the organization find the required skill-set when needed. Organizations typically plan for normal operation of skills and staff each shift with the most optimal skill requirements. The SummitAI IT Service Management solution helps in such situations and ensures availability of analysts with the right skills and the incidents can be automatically routed to the most suitable analyst.
  • Gamification: Gamification helps drive change in the work culture by introducing game mechanics and game design techniques in a non-gaming context. SummitAI Gamification solutions have been designed thoughtfully to build a workplace that is more competitive and fun for the delivery operations team. It also helps the CXOs define and reinforce desired behavior in the support staff and drive the right work culture thereby improving productivity and customer satisfaction. SummitAI has over 100 built-in operational performance metrics that can help drive the right behaviour in the team on a 24/7 basis.
  • Mobility: With its feature-rich Android and iOS mobile apps, users and analysts can access the solution on an anytime, anywhere basis – making it a true mobile 24×7 enterprise application.
  • Orchestration: Our flexible and comprehensive Orchestration engine, enables IT administrators to routinely automate repetitive tasks and processes. This helps reduce the error rates, thereby freeing the analysts’ bandwidth for more complex issues.
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