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AI Based Chatbots

Customer Support is a game changer in today’s world. It is far beyond outsourcing or training the agents on voice modulation or tips and tricks. The modern customer support organization offers incredible customer experience using these four tenets:

  • Predictive Support
  • Pre-emptive Support
  • Personalized Support
  • Profitable Support

Our unique Customer Support Analytics platform, enables you to effortlessly offer great experiences to your customers across all the customer support channels and right through the four tenets.

Our Chatbots is already being used by many companies who receive a lot of incoming emails on their Customer Support Desk. It can categorize the email to the right agent, auto respond, manage agent and email allocation etc. It can also handle all social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc) along with Chatbots, both manual and robotic, for the website.

Some of the benefits of our chatbots include:

  • 30%-45% reduction in Support Costs,
  • 15%-20% increase in agent productivity,
  • 12% reduction in support volumes,
  • 1.5X improved customer loyalty leading to more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Platform and Features of Chatbots

  • Always listens to your customers and resolve issues real-time
  • Monitor vital social media marketing data and analytics in real time from a central location
  • Approve content before it is posted on social profiles
  • Includes information about the number of brand mentions, likes, clicks, new followers and other such activity in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Manage agents and categories
  • Daily management of category-wise agent allocation.
  • Control over handling of mail backlogs
  • Control over how many mails can be allocated to which agent under which category.
  • Real-time email categorization with duration specification of email allocation to agents
  • Can be integrated with CRM tools like Salesforce and Talisma
  • Chatbots is used  for advice and round the clock assistance for customers & Deliver a personalized experience and a real-time resolution through a completely Robotic bot.
  • Use of chatbots enables companies to make initial customer contact and maintaining ongoing relationships easier while enhancing customer experience thereby driving customer loyalty.
  • Helping your customer care executives help your customers with an engaging self-service option allows you to optimize operations and provide quality experiences
  • Personalized digital guidance can lead customers along the correct path avoiding confusion.
  • Automatic response suggestions save valuable time of customer support agents who are often faced with an overwhelming volume of repetitive queries
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